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Try scuba diving

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Ever wanted to try scuba diving?  Well this is your chance.

We do a Try Dive 1hr session for £40

For this we provide a 1 hour session in the deep pool at Amersham (4m depth), one to one instruction and all the kit.

Maximum group size is 6 for a 1hr session or 12 if you want to do 30 mins sessions for larger groups. Venture scouts etc welcome.

Exclusive session booking is £180 for a maximum of 12 divers at 30 mins each or 6 with 1 hr each.

We hold these sessions on the first Wednesday of each month, from 8.00-9.30pm.

In the session you will learn basic hand signals, ear equalisation and buoyancy control.

You must be able to swim. If you have any medical conditions, please ask in advance whether it is suitable.

Also, we require, height/shoe size/age/build type information in advance so we can bring the correctly fitting equipment.

Minimum age is 10 for Try dives.

Meeting point is in the Chiltern Lifestyle Centre pool viewing area at 8.15pm to sign forms and meet your instructor.

Payment is on the evening.

Please contact the try dive organiser Sally on cheshamsubaqua@gmail.com to book your Try Dive session.

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