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Membership Categories and Cost

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Chesham Sub Aqua Club (CSAC) Membership

Adult yearly scuba membership is £110.

Adult is defined as 18 and over, not in full time education.

Junior yearly scuba membership is £60.

Junior is defined as 13 to 25yrs in full time education.

Snorkelling or Free diver membership £60

Country member i.e. lives 50 miles + away from Amersham, £30.

Adult or Junior Vacation Diver, yearly scuba membership is £60.

Access to pool to check equipment out for vacation and 1 skills refresher session with an instructor, equipment may be available to borrow for the session but we cannot guarantee this all the time due to training commitments.

Membership commences in January of each year.

If you start mid-year, then you pay 1 year membership and then a pro-rated sum at the end of the year to re-align your membership anniversary with the rest of the club members.

This entitles you to dive with us, free pool access for training and kit checks or just swimming, participate in training free of charge ( air + books extra) and social events.

You can pay your BSAC and Chesham Sub Aqua Club membership on line here: www.bsac.com

Visit BSAC.com